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Tony Vincent was one of 48 talented artists chosen to battle it out on US national television for the prize of a recording contract on NBC's hit singing competition "The Voice" (Season 2.)

After a powerful rendition of Queen's "We Are The Champions" (Blind audition), Tony was snatched up by Grammy-winning musician and producer Cee Lo Green (TeamCeeLo) who commented that Freddie Mercury would have been proud of his performance.  Tony went on to win a cut-throat "Battle" singing Journey's Faithfully against team mate (and close friend) Justin Hopkins, and he advanced to the "Live" stage of the competition.  During Live show (Week 2) Tony performed Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" which received mixed reviews from the coaches, and prompted Cee Lo to apologise to Tony for giving him a song which restricted his vocal dynamic and range.  America voted, and Tony found himself in TeamCeeLo's bottom three during the results show the following evening.  For his "Last Chance" performance Tony chose "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" by the Eurythmics, --a song which represented him perfectly as an artist.  He gave it gusto, playing to the camera with dramatic expression whilst dominating the stage with power, presence and true Tony Vincent style.  Cee Lo was torn over the decision of which of his bottom three artists he would save, but after a heart-stopping, nail-biting, stomach-churning moment of deliberation, he finally announced "My head says Tony, but my heart says Cheesa", and to the shock of the studio audience, and his fans around the world, Tony was eliminated from the competition (exiting prematurely at the final 24 stage.)

Public outrage ensued in the days following, with thousands of comments being posted online (mainly Facebook and Twitter) strongly supporting Tony, and condemning Cee Lo's decision to eliminate him.

Cee Lo said that cutting Tony was not easy for him. "To have to let someone as talented as Tony go, it really disappointed me tonight. It hurt me," he said. "It hurt my feelings, and I know I hurt his feelings too. So I apologize to Tony. You know I love you." "I felt connected to him [Tony] like a brother."  Plus, they celebrated the birth of his new baby and were "just really good friends."  Cee Lo sings the highest of praises for Tony. "I am humbled by his ability. I am humbled by his experience, his wisdom, and his veteran-ism.  He has accomplished something in the arts that I have not. He has conquered Broadway and made himself worthy to be here and get to this point. "

Tony, ever gracious in defeat, gave his comments also, saying “If you don’t go with your gut, you’re probably going to make a misstep,” he said.  “I do think he [Cee Lo] made a misstep tonight. I think he chose wrong.  But if I was in his seat, feeling those things, I can’t say that my decision would be different.” Tony went on to say that his elimination came as a big surprise, but he thinks he knows why America didn’t vote him into the top three: his unique style. “I read a little bit of online stuff last night that it came across as a little bit socialist, militant, a little too Hitler-esque,” he said laughing. “I thought it was incredibly vibey, but America isn’t about that. They’re about Top 40, at least this audience, and that’s ok.”  “I’m disappointed, but I left my mark on the show with a great exit.” Tony said.


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TeamTV! Next Monday (November 11, 2013) at 7:30pm, Rockers On Broadway will celebrate it's 20th anniversary at NYC's (le) Poisson Rouge.An all-star cast of Broadway's finest including Tony Vincent (American Idiot, JCS, We Will Rock You, RENT), Donnie Kehr (Jersey Boys, The Who’s TOMMY, Aida), Norm Lewis (Porgy and Bess, The Little Mermaid, The Who’s TOMMY), Lesli Margherita (Matilda), Alice… Read more


TeamTV(ers)! I want to send out my most SINCERE thanks to everyone who gave so generously to Tony's 40th Birthday Gift this past July (25).  Once again, it has been proven, that Tony has the most KICK ASS group of loyal fans and friends who will go that extra mile in their support of him!  We wanted to give him something momentous, something meaningful, something memorable, so he would… Read more


Hey All! This is a super quick email blast to remind you all that Tony's 40th Birthday is TOMORROW!! (25th) We'll be emailing him a specially designed online Birthday Card from all of us at TeamTV (which I will also post on TeamTV's Facebook Page and Twitter tomorrow so you can see it.  I wanted to highlight some of Tony's memorable career/life moments to date,… Read more


TONY RELEASES NEW EP! The success of Tony's Pledge Music campaign led to the release of his 5th album--a highly anticipated and highly polished 4-song EP titled "In My Head."  If you haven't already downloaded it, you're missing out on a real treat--truly it's Tony's best music to date.  You can buy the EP in digital download (MP3) format from and… Read more


Tony Vincent has unleashed his KILLER vocal and songwriting ability with the release of a highly anticipated and highly polished 4-song EP--(his BEST release to date, in my opinion.)  "In My Head" grabs your attention firstly with the power-punch and brit-pop edge of "Starting Over" before taking you on an epic and romantic journey which grabs at your heart and soul by the end with the… Read more


Tony Vincent has announced his DEBUT New York solo gig which will take place at Rockwood Music Hall on Monday, July 23, 2012!  He will take to the main stage (stage 2) and perform music from his new EP titled "In My Head."   The EP will be unleased to the public on July 10th (general sale), and will be available from iTunes and  Tony is the first of… Read more

The Big FINAL WEEKEND! (fm: Tony Vincent) 

Message from Tony Vincent via This is a BIG WEEKEND—the final weekend to be integral part of my new EP “In My Head” thru I have had major support on this project and truly am humbled by so many individuals’ generosity. From the bottom of my heart (& creative core), THANK YOU! That being said, we will have only 48 hours to… Read more

Counting Down & Clearing Confusion 

Hey TeamTV!  I've been out of the loop the past 7-10 days, due to illness, but have returned to some emails and messgaes of confusion regarding the 100% target of Tony's PledgeMusic campaign.  With the clock ticking and the number of days left dwindling (just 7 left!), I wanted to quickly send out a blog to clear this up.     Tony set a modest PledgeMusic campaign target that would allow… Read more

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