ANTHONY PETER STRASCINA, an actor, singer, songwriter was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on July 25, 1973.  He took the stage name TONY VINCENT (his grandfather's name) when he was preparing to release his first EP in 1993.

After hearing his father's vinyl of The Beatles song "Hard Day's Night" at the age of four, Vincent knew that he wanted to be a part of what he was hearing.  His parents encouraged his growing interest in all things to do with music, and he started singing and playing drums from the age of seven.  Vincent was fascinated by synthesizers and he worked long hours after school to pay for his first keyboard.  He loved to perform also,-- to "tell a story", and grabbed every opportunity to take to the stage in school and community theatrical productions.  But having been influenced through his young years by lyrically strong bands that were coming out of the UK and the rest of Europe (such as "The Beatles", "Tears For Fears", "Depeche Mode", "The Cure"), what Vincent wanted to do more than anything, was to learn to write songs and express his heart more fully.

Vincent's professional singing career began in Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) whilst studying Music Business at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee.  Here he recorded his first single, Love Falling Down, which was originally released only to his hometown radio station, KLYT in Albuquerque.  When the song proved so popular that it went to #1 on that station, a campaign was organized to release the single nationally. The single was released in May 1993, and on June 21, 1993 made the national CCM: CHR Radio Chart where it remained for one week.  CHR (Christian Hit Radio) is the most prestigious of the charts and hardest to get on, and "Love Falling Down" was the first independently released single ever to do so.

The same month, Vincent  performed at "Lamb Jam", a Christian festival concert in Iowa where he was spotted with great interest by the NewsBoys and subsequently signed with them to open their 50 city "Not Ashamed Tour".  A muti-album record deal with Star Song Records EMI/CMG then followed, and he joined the NewsBoys on their "Going Public Tour".  Vincent spent six more years in CCM, producing two albums Tony Vincent & One Deed which steered the direction of this musical scene away from religion and more towards grace and faith through lyrically strong and passionate music.  During this period he had six #1 songs on Billboard's CHR/CRR radio charts ("Simple Things", "Whole New Spin", "Out of My Hands", "High", "Do You Really" and "One Deed"), he toured with his band, and his song "One Deed" (from the album of the same name) featured in the "United Way of America" Campaign, of which Vincent became a spokesperson.  Despite the success of these two albums, Vincent found that his kind of music did not fit with what the CCM industry was looking for at that time, and he could not see a way to expand his career in that direction, so he packed his bags and left Nashville to pursue an all out rock 'n' roll deal in New York City.  Vincent's plan of a recording career in New York was to be put on hold for some years however, as Broadway and the West End beckoned him (unexpectedly), and he responded to the continual call for his talents on stage in musical theatre, and in musical projects worldwide.

Within weeks of arriving in New York, Vincent landed a role in the American touring production of RENT and was packing his bags and hitting the road once more.  After seven months with this tour, he was cast in the Broadway production and appeared in the leading roles understudying for Roger Davis and Mark Cohen.  

Taking a chance in 2000, he auditioned for, and secured the role of, Simon Zealots in the 2000 film release of Jesus Christ Superstar produced at Pinewood Studios, London.  This new and fresh production led to the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway where Vincent was cast, and in a last minute change he was moved up to the principal role of Judas Iscariot.

Impressed with Vincent's performance, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber picked him to travel to Beijing and Shanghai to introduce the Andrew Lloyd Webber theatrical catalogue to the people of China in 2001.  This concert was later released on DVD.  

Whilst songwriting in London, Vincent was invited to audition for the principal role of Galileo Figaro in Queen's musical, We Will Rock You. The producers had been searching unsuccessfully for nearly twelve months to find the right talent to do justice to these classic songs and so opened up the casting to American actors.  Of course, Vincent blew them away, and he was offered the role.  He relocated to London within weeks, and performed to sold out audiences on the West End stage, and garnered rave reviews night after night for eighteen months.  During his time with this show, Vincent made many television appearances.  Most note worthy was his performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" on stage with Queen in front of Queen Elizabeth II in June 2002 at Party at the Palace, --an occasion celebrating the monarch's 50th year on the throne.

The North American production of We Will Rock You launched in Las Vegas during the summer of 2004, and Vincent was invited by the producers to take on the role of Galileo Figaro once more.  It was during his time with this show that Vincent met his "Scaramouche" --co-leading lady, and future wife, Aspen Miller.  

After one year in the show, Vincent made the decision to leave and return his focus to his solo music once more, and so, surrounded by fans from around the world, he had his last performance with this production on July 24, 2005.

Vincent returned to New York City (and to the studio) to collaborate on his next solo music project with famed producer, Adam Anders and songwriter Nate Campany.  Entitled A Better Way this five track EP was independently released in 2007 and is availbale via CDbaby.com and iTunes.

In 2009 Vincent was cast in the brooding role of St. Jimmy in Green Day's groundbreaking rock theatrical American Idiot which had a pre-Broadway run from Sept 4th thru Nov 15th, at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, California.  The show was a massive success, and Vincent reprised his role in the Broadway production at the St James Theatre from April 20-Dec 30, 2010.  

Vincent is most recently known for his involvement in NBC's The Voice (season 2) where he was a contestant and member of Cee Lo Green's "TeamCeeLo".  His premature and controversial elimination during week two of live shows resulted in public outrage, and left shock waves resounding amongst his supporters worldwide.  He left with his head held high however, after a dark and dramatic performance of "Sweet Dreams" (Are Made Of This) by the Eurhythmics--a performance which represented him as an artist, perfectly.  

On July 10, 2012, Vincent released his highly anticipated, and highly polished 4-song EP titled "In My Head", which he co-produced with swedish artist Ulf Dernevik.  It is currently available via iTunes and CDBaby.com for digital download (the physical CD will be available in the future.)  Vincent was the first of "The Voice" contestants to launch a crowd funded campaign, fund it, produce it AND release it.  He had total control over the creation of this EP which enabled him to show a more intimate and vulnerable side to his personality through his songwriting.  The result is a TRUE Tony Vincent record which marks a new beginning in his career. 

Vincent is currently touring with Rocktopia and headlining the North American / UK symphony tour of The Music of David Bowie.  Check out the tour page to see when he is in a city near you!