LOVE FALLING DOWN (1993) Lampeeton Music.  Where it all began......"I have been singing and playing drums and percussion since I was 7 years old, but I really wanted to learn to write songs," Tony remembers.  "In high school, a friend introduced me to samplers and synthesizers -- essentially, computers that are tools for making music -- and I immediately became a ‘techno-music’ geek.  I worked long hours after school just to buy my first keyboard."   Many of those remaining school days were spent writing and performing his own songs, which in turn led to his decision to pursue a degree in Music Business via a nationally recognised program at Belmont University in Nashville.

With a combination of what might be called youthful naiveté and artist's intuition, Tony decided to create his own independent record company out of his college dorm room and an impressive demo album was born.  One of the songs featured on this album is a cover of "I Still Believe", a song originally featured in the 80's cult movie "Lost Boys".  But it was to be the title track that was to lead to Tony's breakthrough into the music industry.  In almost no time at all, the original song, "Love Falling Down", began to receive considerable air play on Tony's home town radio station KLYT and went to #1, encouraging Tony and a college friend to attempt to release the single on a broader level.  More and more radio stations picked up the single and on June 21, 1993, it hit the CCM: CHR Radio Chart where it remained for one week.  CHR (Christian Hit Radio) is the most prestigious of the charts and hardest to get on, and "Love Falling Down" was the first independently released single ever to do so.

The same month, Tony performed at "Lamb Jam", a Christian festival concert in Iowa, and when the opening notes of "Love Falling Down" came from the stage, the crowd went wild.  The song was immediately recognised from it's heavy rotational airplay and fans rushed forward to see who this "Tony Vincent" was.  Not only did fans take notice, but the NewsBoys also took more than the usual interest in him at this gig, and subsequently Tony signed with them and opened their 50 city "Not Ashamed Tour".  A muti-album record deal with Star Song Records EMI/CMG then followed in early 1994.

More information on the "Love Falling Down" project:- photos, press review, KLYT Radio Chart, CCM: CHR Radio Chart.

The "Love Falling Down" EP is available to buy in digital download (MP3) format from and iTunes.

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