IN MY HEAD (2012) Adobe Music Inc.  Tony Vincent unleashes his KILLER vocal and songwriting ability with his 5th release --a highly anticipated and highly polished 4-song EP titled "In My Head."

Vincent says the EP is a new beginning. “The reason it’s called In My Head is I wanted to show a very intimate side of me, something a little more aggressive than people have heard before on my solo releases. I also want them to see a bit of vulnerability, so I discuss the sin in my own life, the downfalls and times I continue to fail and disappoint myself.”

"In My Head" grabs your attention firstly with the power-punch and brit-pop edge of "Starting Over" before taking you on an epic and romantic journey which fills your heart and soul by the end with the gorgeous melody and brokenness of "Where Did I Go Wrong".  The EP is captivating, refreshing and truly breathtaking.

With this release, Vincent stands out as a true and honest artist --a "brit-pop peacock" who has the ability to turn heads with his EPIC kind of music and impact on the mainstream music industry in a MAJOR way!

"In My Head" is produced by Tony Vincent and Ulf Dernevik, mixed by Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Everclear, Lit, The Verve Pipe), mastered by Robert Smith (Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, David Bowie) and part funded by a campaign.

The "In My Head" EP is also available to buy in digital download (MP3) format from and iTunes.

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