A BETTER WAY (2007) (Remastered 2008) Adobe Music Inc.  On returning to New York City at the end of 2005, Tony made the decision to forgo any further theatre opportunities so that he could return to his first love and ambition--that of 'creating music that moves'.  Working between Nashville and New York City, Tony collaborated with some of the best writers / producers in the business (namely platinum selling producer, Adam Anders and indie songwriter Nate Campany) during the course of 2006 and he found himself singing from a more comfortable place than previously, producing an EP of honest 'rock influenced pop' that he is proud of.  'A Better Way' was released on September 18, 2007 (digital download re-mastered in 2008) and showcases some of Tony's best music to date.  An earlier version of A Better Way was shot on video by Gerald Slota on location in Woodstock, New York.

More information on the "A Better Way" project:- photos, press review, A Better Way music video.

The "A Better Way" EP is available to buy in CD and digital download (MP3) format from CDBaby.com and iTunes

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