ONE DEED (1997) Starsong / EMI-CMG.  With this project Tony wanted to move in a more personal and less conventional musical direction, so he teamed up with veteran L.A. producer Dennis Matkosky and engineer David Leonard (Bare Naked Ladies, Leann Rimes, Prince).  "The most important thing for me on the second record was to have the freedom to experiment, marrying the programmed, synthesized elements that I was used to, with the creative energy of a live band," says Tony.  That second album, "One Deed," took over a year to write and produce, and reflects Tony's continuing drive to find out who he is as an artist and what he has to say as a songwriter.  "My goal has always been to create songs that are honest and vulnerable, yet connect with the listener in an encouraging way.  If I can't bring you deep enough into a song to give you some degree of hope, in spite of life's many challenges, then i'm not doing my job. There's more than enough darkness and despair in the world to last a lifetime.  I want to do something positive."  At the beginning of 1997 "One Deed", became the theme for the United Way Campaign, and over a two year period was used for radio, television, outdoor and newspaper adverts. Tony also served as the campaign's spokesperson, and conducted a 50 city tour with his band during this time.

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The "One Deed" album is available to buy in digital download (MP3) format from and iTunes.

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