Out of all the wonderful mentors I met during Broadway Dreams this week, I am so incredibly grateful to have been able to work with the amazing Tony Vincent. Thank you for pushing me this week to become a better singer and all-around performer, and for expanding my vocal range in one rehearsal. ?  

I hope to work with you again one day in the future! Thank you for everything! #bdfomaha #showmaha ?

Taylor Beck
June 10, 2015.


The first time I saw WWRY was in Dec. 2002, together with my mother.  Really enjoyed it and fell in love with Tony's voice and that amazing musical.  As I was struggling with my health back then, I travelled to London from The Netherlands & Belgium many many times to see him perform in WWRY.  That was my "feel good" getaway..

Thanks to Tony & WWRY I've met a lot of nice people and have made friends for life.. I'll be in London in a few weeks and will be seeing the matinee of WWRY on May 31st.  Hopefully I'll also see those friends for life again that day!

May 1, 2014.


I still remember it like yesterday the first time I saw him. It was the evening of 3rd June 2002 and I was sitting at home with my boyfriend engrossed in conversation, with Party At The Palace playing in the background on the television.   Queen have, and will always be one of my favourite bands, so when I heard the opening bars to Bohemian Rhapsody my ears pricked up but of course no matter who was singing, they could never be as good as Freddie could they?  So I continued chatting idly away to the guy sat next to me on the sofa.  The opening line "Mama, just killed a man" was enough to make me catch my breath as I heard the most amazing voice break in to one of my favourite songs of all time.  My eyes shot quickly to the screen and I found myself exclaiming Who is that man?  He's fantastic!  As the song progressed, I sat mesmerised by the anonymous guy on the screen.  He didn't just sing the song, he delivered it with such incredible passion and conviction that I could almost believe he had actually just put a gun to some guys head and pulled the trigger!  I was desperate to find out the name of the performer so listened very carefully at the end, but to my dismay The Hairy One ended their set by simply saying Goodnight, from Queen. Grrrr!!!!

At that point, I hadn’t seen any of the tv appearances the cast had made whilst promoting WWRY, so I had no idea it was them I had been watching – you’d think the fact that I was going to see the show for the first time just 4 days later would have rung a loud bell - but, no -sometimes I just ain't very bright!   So, imagine my absolute delight when I found myself sat in the front row of the stalls, watching the same guy who had so impressed me belt out "I Want To Break Free" with such power it sent shivers down my spine!  By the time the finale came round, I had already decided I had to see the show again, such was the impact his performance had on me.  Being an ardent Queen fan, I fully expected to enjoy the show, but nothing could have prepared me for the massive adrenalin rush I experienced during that magical finale!  He had me completely spellbound and after my second trip to the Dominion, I realised I was utterly hooked like some junkie - except this was an addiction I welcomed with open arms.

I went on to return to the Dominion time and time again over the course of the next year and a half and not once did I leave that theatre, having seen him, without a huge smile on my face, which usually stuck around for a good few days afterwards, so intense was the glorious high.  If ever I had a rough day I’d pay another visit to the Dom and within seconds I’d be transported to another world where all my troubles would melt away.  It was the best therapy money could buy!

For the joy he’s brought in to my life, for the many happy memories he has given me, for the friends I’ve made because of him, for his inspirational music which has helped renew my faith and lifted my spirits on numerous occasions, and for being one of the most genuine, caring and kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet - and more - I will be eternally grateful to, Tony Vincent.



Hey guys!...

You are the greatest fans in the world, I'm sure Tony, and others, tell you that all the time. I have actually had conversations with Tony about how devoted and supportive his fan base is. It's just very cool.... anyway...I have a few pics (find them in the WWRY: Vegas Album) and a personal anecdote for you:

"I was not only ecstatic to be cast in We Will Rock You, Las Vegas (as Scaramouche),  but I lost my breathe when I heard that Tony Vincent was one of the Galileo's. Not only was I a fan of his vocals on the London cast recording of Rock You....but when I was 18 years old and touring with a non union production of Footloose, I came to NY on a break from the road and saw Jesus Christ Superstar. Tony was Judas, and in true form, I lost my breathe. I even went so far as to wait at that damn stage door on 42nd Street to meet him. I remember saying this and only this to him, while I was shaking: "You are so talented." Then I walked away- inspired, impressed, in awe, and I'm not gonna lie, a little in love. But aren't we all....."

Good luck with the site. looks great so far.
Kacie Sheik


I fell in love with Tony Vincent when I first saw him at the Queen's Jubilee, at the time I was 12 and I was already crazy about Queen but I thought that no singer could sing the band's songs as well as Freddie Mercury did, but then I saw Tony and it totally changed my mind, what a performance he gave us!

Everything was perfect as if God himself was stage-managing the show sending us this angel with this wonderful voice. Still today when I listen to Tony singing Bohemian Rhapsody I get the thrill I had this day and it always reminds me of the emotion I felt when I first heard Freddie singing Barcelona. No one has stirred me like Tony so far and I'm sure that no one will ever...

Keep on making us dreaming with your beautiful songs and your great voice! Kisses.

Sarah (France)
August 2, 2009.