Counting Down & Clearing Confusion

Hey TeamTV!  I've been out of the loop the past 7-10 days, due to illness, but have returned to some emails and messgaes of confusion regarding the 100% target of Tony's PledgeMusic campaign.  With the clock ticking and the number of days left dwindling (just 7 left!), I wanted to quickly send out a blog to clear this up.  
Tony set a modest PledgeMusic campaign target that would allow him to get the project off the ground and produce a low end quality EP.  Thanks to the generosity of fans, he has reached 100% of that target now, and the EP will be produced and released.  Of course, this is THRILLING news, BUT, reaching 100% did not mark the end of the campaign, which is where the confusion has happened.  People are going to his PledgeMusic page, seeing that 100% is reached, and are thinking it's "job done" and pledges are no longer required, when, in fact, 100% was just the START, and only HALF of what is required to make this EP brilliant!  For Tony to be able to step up the quality of the EP (i.e. how it looks, feels and sounds), and take it from "low end" to "high end" quality, he needs to get as close to his personal goal of 200% as possible!  Check out his latest PledgeMusic Update here.

Tony isn’t trying his luck and being greedy.  He isn't pushing for more money than is necessary.  There is no personal financial gain/reward being sought by him in the creation of this project.  All of the funds raised are being thrown directly at this EP with the intention to make it as amazing as it can be—a project that Tony and the people who have contributed thus far, can be truly proud of.  

So, with that info in mind, please PLEASE keep supporting this campaign--PLEDGE, top-up your pledge (if you are able), and most importantly keep spreading the word to all your friends, family and fellow fans, both by word of mouth, and by posting this link online.  Let everyone know that you are involved--motivate and remind them about Tony, and ask them to check out his PledgeMusic campaign for themselves and the free download of "Starting Over" (on the top left of the page) for a taste of what to expect.  Google Facebook groups / Yahoo groups / forums about NBC's "The Voice", about shows that Tony has been involved with ie. RENT, Jesus Christ Superstar, American Idiot, We Will Rock You, and post about Tony's campaign and the theatre related incentives on offer!  Tweet about the campaign, encourage others to RT (ReTweet) it and include relevant #hashtags.  Use your imagination and share any ideas you have by replying to this email.  There is SO much that can be done to spread the word--and so little time to do it in!

We only have 7 DAYS left to get Tony's campaign as close to the 200% target as possible and to being the best EP possible.  This HAS to be a team effort, everyone!  Tony is counting on you--he's counting on US!

Thank you all for your stellar support thus far!


p.s Check out the "Shows" section of TeamTV for the latest TV gig announcements!

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