EP-ic day!

In just over one week (of a 30-day campaign), Tony has hit 100% of his PledgeMusic target which means his "In My Head" EP will be funded and WILL definately happen! 

Very WELL DONE to everyone for showing such stellar loyalty and commitment to Tony by digging deep in their pockets in this special way.  I know he is completely blown away by your response to his "call to arms"--his "call to pledge".  This is proof, (if ever there was) of what an AMAZING Team of supporters Tony has around the world. Truly a real musician with real fans.

There is still much more of that stellar loyalty and support to be shown from us now, as fund-raising this project isn't over just yet!  The 100% target is really only HALF of what is required to make this the best EP it can be, with cool quality graphics, and top class audio engineering / mastering, so please, let's KEEP PLEDGING and spreading the word, so that Tony can take this campaign towards 200%, which is ultimately his goal, and what will be required to produce a top quality EP that we (and he) can truly be proud of!

All the details of how you can continue to get involved can be found at:
Tony Vincent PledgeMusic Campaign

All pledge options are in blue on the right hand side of the page.  There are still lots of cool incentives on offer, so you're NOT ONLY contributing to the completion of this amazing EP, but you ALSO get to own a groovy item such as a Ltd ed signed CD, a Ltd ed signed photo, or have an amazing opportunuty to MEET Tony for a "wine night" in NYC, or even own a COLLECTORS ITEM (most of which are literally coming off Tony's wall for this!) THEATRE FANS WILL ESPECIALLY WANT TO CHECK OUT THE AMERICAN IDIOT, WE WILL ROCK YOU, AND JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR MEMORABILIA HE HAS PUT UP FOR GRABS! One of a kind items to treasure--seriously! (If you have family / friends who are collectors of theatre memorabilia, please send them over to check the items out too!)

If you are a returning pledger, and you don't wish to receive an "exclusive" item this time round, but wish to 'top up' your pledge amount, the new "monetary gift" option is for you!  (again located right side of the pledge page in the blue options)  This will allow you to submit a money amount of your choosing.  

This is a GLOBAL campaign and open to everyone who has a credit card or PayPal account to submit their pledge.  All contributions (no matter how big or small) are CRUCIAL. Even a $10 (approx £6) contribution helps the campaign move forward, and gets you an advance copy of the EP and online updates as they happen!  The pledger-only updates are great by the way.  Tony is video blogging and taking us into the studio process of making the EP which is really fascinating.  He really is working his butt off for this and pulling out all the stops for us all who have desperately wanted to hear new music from him.  

So, my friends, please keep spreading the word to family and friends, please join the campaign on Facebook here (and hit the "invite friends" button), keep posting the link on Twitter (and any other relevant forums you are members of), AND PLEASE KEEP PLEDGING towards that 200% target!  This EP is gonna be deep, dangerous and down-right delicious!

Here's to a few more EP-ic days as this project heads towards fruition!

Best Wishes

p.s There has been a change in date/time of Tony's upcoming RockWood Music Hall gig.  If you're in the NYC area (or able to get there), you MUST attend (and bring your friends), as Tony will be debuting his new EP at this gig!  Get yourself a t-shirt and a wrist band from his online store and pack the venue out in support!  Tickets are only $10!  Here are the updated ticket detail: Tony Vincent Solo Performance  

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