Off the back of Cee Lo Green's totally SHOCKING error in judgement and resulting decision to eliminate Tony from The Voice this past Tuesday (April, 11), I just want to reach out to you all tonite and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the amazing support you have given, (not only TeamTV), but also the friendship and support that you have shown me personally as we have pushed, plugged and promoted Tony through the various stages of the competition the past couple months.  You have all been so incredible in every aspect of the work that we have done to get the word out there about him being in the show.  

The words I had engraved on a dog tag pendant I gifted Tony with a number of years ago (which are embedded into the very heart and soul of the TeamTV website) haven't been far from my mind the past two (highly emotional) days: "Real musicians and real fans stay together for a long long time" (a quote by Bonnie Raitt).  We are (and continue to be) an amazingly kick-ass team of the most committed TV fans.  I know many of you are upset, angry, and deeply saddened by what happened on elimination night, (i'm feeling it too), but we need to start pulling the many positives from this one negative situation, as Tony is doing so graciously and humbly (check out a couple of the online interviews of his post-elimination thoughts here and here) and move forward now thankful for how "The Voice" experience has benefited and blessed him (and will continue to do so) beyond his eliminiation this week.

So, let's stay tight, stay positive and stay REAL.  What doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger.  I believe in Tony, YOU believe in Tony, and I believe in YOU, and what WE all do together, so keep on supporting TeamTV, and get ready to embrace the exciting opportunities that await the dramatic, delicious, down-right adorable and totally REAL artist who unites us here today.  Onwards!

Thank you all again SO much.

-Ing X

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