The Big FINAL WEEKEND! (fm: Tony Vincent)

Message from Tony Vincent via

This is a BIG WEEKEND—the final weekend to be integral part of my new EP “In My Head” thru I have had major support on this project and truly am humbled by so many individuals’ generosity. From the bottom of my heart (& creative core), THANK YOU!

That being said, we will have only 48 hours to go to raise a bit more capital— the extra financial bump will help a great deal in it sounding as good as possible. (I’ll be continuing to work on it all weekend—and all additional support will help get the talent and allow the time necessary to get this project out to you a.s.a.p.) Any $-amount helps, and there are still some cool items to pledge for, including having your name ON the project (as an associate producer)!

So, if you wouldn’t mind reaching out to people you think would be interested in helping to give this project that needed extra bump, I would be incredibly grateful!

Sending all my best to you-
Tony Vincent

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