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"I'm making a new album" are the words every Tony Vincent fan longs to hear.  Afterall, it's been 5 years since the release of Tony's last EP (A Better Way), BUT, I am thrilled to tell you that our wait may AT LAST be over, ohh yes, yes, yes!!  

TODAY, Tony launched a 30 day campaign via to raise the funds necessary to complete his latest EP titled "In My Head".  He's said via his pledgemusic campaign page today that these are the BEST songs he's ever written, and he wants to invite EVERYONE to come alongside him and help get this project finished and out there to the fans, where it belongs.  Without the backing of a record label, the costs of putting out new music goes beyond the reach of most artists, so this simply cannot happen without our support.  

To help the campaign along, Tony is offering some super cool incentives!--so you're NOT ONLY contributing to the completion of this amazing EP, but you ALSO get to own a groovy item such as a Ltd ed signed CD, a Ltd ed signed photo, or even a COLLECTORS item (most of which are literally coming off Tony's wall for this!)  If you're a Theatre fan you will ESPECIALLY want to check out the American Idiot, We Will Rock You and Jesus Christ Superstar memorabilia he has put up for grabs!  One of a kind items to treasure--seriously!  (If you have family / friends who are collectors of theatre memorabilia, please send them over to check the items out!)

All the details of how you can get involved can be found at

It is really easy to pledge and it doesn't matter where in the world you live--we can all be involved.  I am in the UK and placed my pledge (with pride) tonight, and it was incredibly straight forward to do, and took only a couple of minutes.

Tony is so excited to be inviting us to be involved in this project, and he's working damned hard on it, so please spread the word on his campaign to friends and family, link to it on all your social networks, and dig deep (or "deep dig").  Give whatever you can--all contributions (no matter how big or small) are CRUCIAL.  We only have 30 days (from May 30th) to reach the target, so, for Tony, and for ourselves, let's make this happen!  SO excited!

Best Wishes

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