Hey everyone!  I just want to remind you of an EXCITING new song release by Tony Vincent! 

On May 1st Tony released a song from his forthcoming music project.  The song is called "Starting Over" and he is giving it away FREE!

Yahoo Music describe it as "an epic, Anglophilic tune which brings to mind the swirling alt-rock psychedelia of '90s bands like School Of Fish, Overwhelming Colorfast, and the Soup Dragons, along with the classic Britpop of Oasis, Kasabian, and Viva Brother.  It's good stuff."

Tony said in a recent newsletter and NBC blog "I wanted to give back to the people that have supported me and my music from my first record thru my most recent time on "The Voice."  This is also a opportunity for people to see a new side of me as an artist and songwriter.  I think it will really surprise people-- I believe this (and the songs that will soon be released) is the best work I've done to date.  You all are CRUCIAL in helping this track get noticed and for it to "go viral".  I know you all have the power to make this happen.  I've got YOU!!--the BEST people backing me and helping to get the word out (amongst the glut of music on the web...)"

"Starting Over" is available to download FREE (for a limited time) HERE (Quick Link: HERE)

Tony is asking that you don't just give it away-- "simply direct your mates and loved ones to the download location and the tune is theirs at no charge.  We're looking for monumental download numbers from all over the globe!-- so give all your friends-- and their friends-- the heads up to get the word out about 'Starting Over'".

So, ....what we all waiting for!?  As Tony advances to the next step of taking his music to record labels, those "monumental download numbers" are gonna be CRUCIAL to their decision to sign him up--so, come on TeamTV--tell your friends all over the WORLD (especially those located in the UK/Europe who I think will appreciate Tony's style of music in a big way), and share that link on Facebook, Twitter and EVERY social network, blog site and forum you use online!  

Tony is counting on YOU to help #PushIt #PlayIt #PlugIt #PromoteIt #PreachIt

We can #DoIt -- !!

-Ing (TeamTV)

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