Hey All!

This is a super quick email blast to remind you all that Tony's 40th Birthday is TOMORROW!! (25th)

We'll be emailing him a specially designed online Birthday Card from all of us at TeamTV (which I will also post on TeamTV's Facebook Page and Twitter tomorrow so you can see it.  I wanted to highlight some of Tony's memorable career/life moments to date, and I think we have achieved that on the card--it's really cool.  I think you'll love it (and I think Tony will too).

The main reason I wanted to reach out to you all quickly today is because we'll also be sending him a Gift Card from Rising Dragon Tattoo, so his tattoo artist can design him some "new ink" to mark his special day from us all!  If you would like to contribute to the gift card this is your last opportunity to!  All the info you need is on this GoFundMe Page where you can read all about it and submit your contribution.  Many have chosen to PayPal me personally so that we avoid the 5% GoFundMe charge.  If you would like to do this please send your contribution via PayPal to:  If you would like to use another method, then please reply to this email so we can discuss the options.

I know Tony is going to be completely BLOWN AWAY by this gift and the thoughtfulness and generosity of everyone.  I don't think any other artists can say their fans inked them!

I hope to be able to share a photo of Tony with the Gift Card as soon as Aspen (his wife) has taken it!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported and contributed (so far).  You all TRULY are the BEST!

Take care & stay cool!

Ing x

P.S DON'T FORGET to drop him a personal Birthday comment/message via his Facebook Page and Twitter tomorrow!

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