If you're a singer or actor and would like Tony to PERSONALLY coach YOU to become better at what you do, no matter where you are located in the world, then read on! (I'll hand you over to Tony to explain more.)

"I've been working with the Broadway Dreams Foundation for over two years (between shows and solo gigs) and the rewards have been exponential. Subscribers of my newsletter and social media followers have been aware of my involvement with "BD", and I've received many emails from people inquiring if I do independent teaching or one-on-one instruction.  My schedule has typically been too unpredictable to even entertain any of these inquiries, so I've had to regretfully decline. Now, however, as I've taken time to look back at all the amazing experiences that I've had teaching with Broadway Dreams, I've decided to take up the banner and give one-on-one performance coaching.  AND because very few people are unable to physically make it to NYC, I've decided to coach exclusively online— meaning it doesn't matter where you are around the globe— all you need is an internet connection!  

The details are pretty straight forward and it doesn't matter what your age or gender.  If you're a singer, actor or combination of the two and want to be a better performer, a better communicator and are wanting to bring your "A-game" to your performance/audition/public speaking event/etc., I want to work with you.  All coaching will be done via file exchanges thru which is how my coaching can take place globally.  You'll start by setting up a free Paypal account (if you don't have one already).  You'll then send me a zip'd file of a video of you performing something that you'd like to work on (material for an upcoming audition, a monologue or scene, a solo you may have in a school musical or regional theater production, a piece of music for a concert performance, etc.). I will study your video and return to you a personal video with my critiques...techniques and tips that you can use to hone your performance into something that is real, honest, and captivating.  You have the option to purchase a single session or an open ended number of sessions if you would like further coaching.  So, if you (or someone you know who) would be interested in personal performance coaching, drop an email to: to get started."  Tony Vincent.