Cross Rhythms (online version)
Issue 27, June 1, 1995

By Mike Rimmer

From the opening bass driven "Must Be The Season", you know this album is not going to take prisoners. With the production team of Brent Bourgouis and Charlie Peacock, you also know that you don't have to ask too many questions about the quality of the music. The finger of Bourgouis is very evident and some of these songs could have fitted very snugly into his recent solo album without sounding out of place. Mike Roe from the 77s contributes the breathtakingly beautiful "Holiday" which takes the listener from the striving of trying to earn salvation to the rest which God's grace brings. The intro to "High" made me think of the Beatles (circa Sgt Pepper?), "Shake The Money Tree" is a Gabrielesque groover - all low ethnic sounds and rhythms and "Out Of My Hands" is pop perfection. As with Peacock's best work, Vincent combines artistry and spirituality. This is how Christian music should be, music which surprises the ear and words that touch and challenge the soul. On the sleeve, Tony writes, "My to create music in an innovative and professional way...presenting Jesus Christ as a real and passionately loving God, whose grace is for everyone." He succeeded!