Cross Rhythms
(online version)
Issue 42, December 1, 1997
By Mike Rimmer

Vincent's Brent Bourgeouis-produced debut had a charm and "European" feel to it that set it apart from many other releases of the moment. However, this time round, producer Dennis Markosky has fashioned a more Nashville CCM sound and so while this is high on strong melodies, lush in production and well performed, there is little to intrigue and surprise. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent album and Tony Vincent has a great voice and some of Nashville's finest players and writers contributing to the recipe. At one end this opens with the pop funk of "Reach Out" to grab your attention, and continues in strong form with the title tune and the acoustic groove of "Fighting Over Love Songs", which reminded me of Jackson Finch. The album's delicious dream-like closing song "Closer To Your Dreams" is the one moment where Tony Vincent presents a song that stands out from the crowd. Overall, this album is a pleasant, well produced but unremarkable journey.