The Edition (La Cueva High School Newspaper) 
October, 2004
By Kristelle Siarza

In La Cueva’s eighteen year history, one alumnus from the class of 1991 is arising as America’s new Broadway star. It only took a trip to Nashville and inspiration from home to get Tony Vincent to the center stage. Born as Anthony Vincent Strascina, Vincent managed to use Anthony as the way to win people’s votes in La Cueva Senate. As a former Student Body President, Vincent managed to gain this experience by being Sophomore and Junior class president too. Besides the heavy involvement in drama and choir, Vincent managed to develop himself as a popular figure in school. Yvonne Strascina, Aunt to Vincent and secretary at La Cueva said, “He was an average student in terms of GPA, but above average student in terms of personality, wit, and character.” Strascina also mentioned about his heavy involvement outside of the PAC in La Cueva. “He also had lead roles in several local ACLOA [Albuquerque Civic Light Opera] plays, the Albuquerque Little Theatre, and plays/musicals at his church, Hoffmantown,” said Strascina. Vincent was also a church camp counselor during his high school career too. “As a young boy he was in the Boys Choir. His first "acting" role was at age 7-8 months, I think, doing a commercial for a carpet company.”

But simply enough, his love for Broadway began to show throughout his life. Strascina goes on to mention that her nephew, “Always, always had a passion for music & theatre. He played piano, drums, keyboard, and some guitar.” For a time, Vincent also managed to tour with the Continental Singers. Vincent’s resume is now far better than the accomplishments raked in during his years in the cave. After pursuing a business degree in music through Belmont University in Nashville, Vincent released his first solo album in 1995. Seizing the attention of EMI’s starsong record label in Nashville by singing independently during college, his past album generated four consecutive number-one radio singles and a two-year tour. According to Strascina, “He was on contract to write music for Epic records (which I think is a division of Sony). He would join other writers in Los Angeles, Australia, and Sweden to work on projects.” Some of the many writers included those who have worked with Leann Rhymes, The Barenaked Ladies, and Prince.

Strascina goes on to say, “One of his songs, "One Deed", was used as the theme song for the United Way. It was played throughout that campaign & he did television spots for that particular United Way year.” Currently, Vincent brings the legendary rock band Queen to life on stage. The world-renowned “We Will Rock You” debuted in Mar. 2003 in London and Las Vegas, Nevada at the Paris Hotel Casino and Resort on Sept. 8, 2004, with Vincent as the lead singer and actor in the musical. Vincent recently opening in Vegas will continue to swoon the crowds with songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the musical’s title track. But as a nephew, Stracina mentioned about her star-ridden nephew who once roamed the halls of her current workplace.” He is warm, kind, polite, funny -- keeps you in stitches. He has a strong Christian background which is the basis for his choices in life and his motivation to live ‘right.’” Stracina said, “He's a good listener & is interested in you as a person. He is down-to-earth & has not let his successes give him a big head.” With La Cueva’s ever-so-growing ground for success, Tony Vincent, or the caring, hometown boy simply named Anthony, proves to Albuquerque natives that La Cueva is a breeding ground for successful musicians and Broadway stars.