Tartu (original article)
May 12, 2009
By Raimu Hanson & Marju Himma
Translated by Ruth Arukuusk

You have performed songs created by Queen and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Which do you prefer to sing?
TV: By nature I like them both, but since I have a rock'n'roll background, I like to sing Queen songs, which are more rock than any other musical material. I guess I like "rock" more.

How would you describe the concert-show "Queen- The Doors Of Time" and Vanemuine Theatre?
TV: All of the shows that I have done with Vanemuine have been the best in their own class. A-class / list stuff. They are all amazingly talented here. Right now there are still some "rough corners" in the show, and we are fixing them in the rehearsals, but on the days when I have been at rehearsals, I've noticed that, "Queen" will be a marvelous show.

There are many ballet- dancers in this rock music- centered show. Is it normal for spectacles like that?
TV: I have never participated in shows like this. It seems very interesting to me. It's like adding a totally new form (medium) to rock music. It's really refreshing, if you do something unusual and new.

Is it true that you performed with your wife Aspen in "Dirty Dancing" in Boston and Chicago?
TV: Yes, and I would also like to add, that I didn't dance in the show.

How does the ensemble of "Queen", including singers Tanja Mihhailova and Rolf Roosalu, seem to you?
TV: I'm impressed by them. A chance to sing with them is really important to me. As I've said it before, I'm amazed by the talent the people have here. I consider the chance of going in front of the audience with them as a big honor.

What are your impression of Tartu, which is notoriously smaller than those American city's where you live and perform?
TV: Little towns are good. I wouldn't want to be here if it was just another New York or LA. I just told Paavo (the manager of Vanemuine Theatre) that Eastern-European cities and towns are really close to my heart, so a chance to come here is really important to me. Since the majority of Americans have no idea where Estonia is, performing in Tartu gives me a sort of chance to brag. And since Americans are really naive (unsophisticated) about Eastern-European geography, it makes me look really cool to them.

Did you know anything about Estonia, before you flew here the first time and started to collaborate with the Vanemuine Theatre?
TV: Since my grandmother is from Lithuania, I knew the geography of this part of Europe a little bit, so I knew where Estonia was. But that was it. I didn't know anything more.