Ohtuleht (
(original article)  May 16, 2009
By Aigi Viira
Translated by Ruth Arukuusk

If American singer Tony Vincent hadn't said yes to Vanemuine, then “Queen- the Doors Of Time” wouldn’t be on stage now.  New Freddie?  This man is Freddie II, even though he himself just laughs at being called that.

When the musical “We Will Rock You” hit the stage 7 years ago, you sang the main part. How big a fan were you of Queen's music by that time? Did you start to admire this band's music in your youth?
TV: I grew up listening to the Beatles, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode and The Cure.  I did know all the big things that Queen did, but I really discovered how good actually they were when I played the part in “We Will Rock You".  My earliest contacts with Queen were actually “We Will Rock You”, “We Are The Champions” or the time when Wayne’s World gave a new interpretation to “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

You are one of the few artists who has had a chance to perform with Queen and performed in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.  How did it feel to step into the role of superstar Freddie Mercury?
TV: This day was one of the most special days of my life.  Yes, one of the biggest reasons was that I had a chance to sing in front of one of the greatest bands in history, but also that I could share the stage with many talented artists.  For example I had a chance to meet with Paul McCartney on that day and to thank him in person for his music, because without him, and The Beatles, I definitely would have chosen a different career.

When I watched the rehearsal of “Queen” in Vanemuine, it seemed that your name was not Tony Vincent anymore, but Freddie Mercury II.  Aren’t you afraid that you will have to play Mercury one way or another til the end of your life?
TV: (Laughing) If there really are some kind of "Freddiesms", then they're not purposefully.  I never take up Freddie Mercury’s mimics, because that's what he did, it has alot to do with his personality.  I never try to fit myself into his slippers.

They say that you recently married.   When I watch your work schedule, I get a feeling that you must have gotten married on a plane!  How does your marriage work when you’re always flying around between different cities?
TV: (Laughing) I got married a year and six months ago.  My wife Aspen, is a magnificent artist.  Now is a happy time for us, because we are both participating in the stage version of the show “Dirty Dancing”.  The reason, why she is not here, in Estonia with me is that she is finishing up her part in that particular show in Los Angeles.

People have been talking around Tartu that you had problems with a time zone difference (jet lag) between Los Angeles and Tartu and that’s why you went running at 5 am.  Have you accustomed or are you still running at night?
TV: (Laughing) Actually I haven’t been running at 5 am, though I had some trouble with the time difference.  I woke up at 4.50 am and started to do things at 7 am.  The first 4-5 days in Tartu were tough and if the sun rises at 4.30 am, then it’s not really helping me to set my body clock on this time zone.