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May 14, 2009
By Teele Tammeorg
Translated below by Ruthie Arukuusk

The main performer of the show “Queen - The Doors Of Time” is famous thanks to singing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music.

You’ve been to Estonia before, how do you like Tartu?
TV: I really like Tartu. I appreciate the history of the town and much of the architecture. I’ve always felt a really big passion for Eastern- Europe and the chance to perform here is really special to me.

Was it easy to make a decision to come and perform here, since Estonia is so far away from USA?
TV: Yes, Estonia is far away from the USA, but as I said before, I really like this part of Europe. My grandmother was Lithuanian, and, in many respects, I’ve always been really fond of Eastern-Europe. I’ve also always loved the music that comes from this part of the world. I grew up listening to electronic rock’n’roll. This side of world has been the hotbed for this kind of music since the 1980's.

Which song, of those Queen’s songs that are are being performed, in the show you like the best?
TV: I’m a fan of several Queen songs for a variety of different reasons. I don’t know any other band, that could create such songs as “Innuendo” and “The Show Must Go On” and moreover write a cheeky piece like “ Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy”. They are really talented songwriters with an amazing leader.

You performed with Brian May and Roger Taylor in 2002 at Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee concert. What are you memories from that day?
TV: This day was one of the most special days of my life. Yes, one of the biggest reasons was that I had a chance to sing in front of one of the greatest bands in history, but also that I could share the stage with many talented artists. For example, I had a chance to meet with Paul McCartney on that day and to thank him in person for his music, because without him and The Beatles, I definitely would have chosen a different career.

How important is Queen’s music for you?
TV: Obviously after meeting with Brian May and Roger Taylor their music has become really precious to me. Before playing with them and learning alot of their songs, they were just a band, whose great anthem-like songs were played at big sports events in USA.

You’ve said in previous interviews that the musical “We Will Rock You” was really important for you. Why is that so?
TV: It opened up to me a collection of new music. Thanks to the musical I also made acquaintance with one of the most talented and humble of people--Brian May. It also gave me a chance to perform in the West End in London--truly a wonderful opportunity.

What does the future hold?
TV: There are lots of things in the air. My wife and I are planning to move from New York to Las Vegas in the middle of June. Really, only God knows what will happen. Incidentally, I’ve also started to write music for a solo project.