Rocktopia is a new symphonic concert experience featuring a 5-piece rock band, a 63-piece orchestra, gospel choir and 5 vocalists-- combining full-on rock tracks (from bands like Muse, U2, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin and more) intertwining them with some of the most iconic classical music pieces from composers like Rachmaninoff, Mozart and Puccini. After several years of working on this project, Tony Vincent joined the rest of the cast and creative team for the national PBS filming of the concert at the awe inspiring Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest.  The filming took place at 4pm and 8pm on June 30th 2016, infront of a live audience. I was lucky enough to travel to Budapest for the concert, and what an experience it was!  It was absolutely SPECTACULAR!  Tony brought his 'A-Game' as usual--he sprinkled his magic onstage and the whole place exploded!  A stunning and electrifying performance, and, again, another reminder of why we love and support him.  Watch out for announcement of the special on PBS local listings slated for Nov/Dec 2016 along with a DVD release, and a concert tour!