To photographers Nacho UrangaWalter McBrideScott Michael SilverSteve Emberton, Roger Goodgroves, Michael Riordan, Ranno Rätsep, Linda Lenzi, Tania Van Den Berg, Xavier Vila, MHP Studios, Ben Trivett, Amanda Cannon, David Greenhouse, Jonathan Mackoff, Alicia HansenNorman Johnson and Todd David Adams for their contribution of images.  And to Aspen Vincent, Maya Days, Kacie Sheik for their personal and exclusive images.

To Debbie Foster for giving her time and energy to the role of administrators of TeamTV.

To Pam Clasby, Emma Pierce, Debbie Foster and Ellen Haagmans, the trusty "Mod Squad", for keeping me, and all things in order over on the TeamTV Forum. You all are dear friends and I always know that I can depend on you for any help or support above and beyond what is needed on the forum. Thank you!

To the people that this site is designed for--the FANS. Thank you not only for your contribution of photos, fan art, videos, reviews and anecdotes that make YOUR fan site such a wonderful source of all things "TV", but also for your emails and GuestBook messages offering thoughts, comments and most importantly your support, which is a continual source of encouragement.  It is an absolute privilege to make acquaintance and friendships with so many fellow fans from so many different countries and backgrounds.  The sense of "community" between us is what I always hoped TeamTV would be about -- uniting fans and friends in one worldwide network of Tony Vincent support.  I LOVE what we do together.

And finally, to Tony Vincent I owe the greatest thanks, for without him, this site would not exist.  Tony, you have impacted on the life of every individual that ever became your fan--we all have a unique and personal story to tell.  You reach out to people in need, touch lives and heal hearts, not only through your music, but through your very being, through your very soul.  Each day I feel so lucky, so proud, so blessed to have you, your music, and your fans in my life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, your encouragement, and for being such a dear friend and inspiration to me.  I believe in you, and will support and promote you forever.