Below, i've put together a list of ten ways that you can get interactive and involved in supporting Tony ---- 

1)  Download (comment and rate) Tony's new EP In My Head on iTunes and CDBaby.com.

2)  Head over to Tony's Merch Store and grab yourself some swag!--a TV tee, a signed photo, a CD bundle or a bunch of wrist bands!  They make great gifts too!

3)  Attend his gigs and bring your friends along!  Keep a check on the tour page of this site to know when Tony is in YOUR town!  

4)  Ensure that you are plugged in to the mains for all the latest on Tony.  You can't promote him if you don't know what is going on with him.  Sign up to receive his newsletter directly to your email inbox, and ensure you are following him on his Official Twitter (@TonyTheVincent) and Official Facebook page

5)  Promote him online.  Post about him on your social networks and any forums you may already support, RT (Retweet) his important posts on Twitter, hit the "share" button to share his posts and news items with your Facebook friends, and tag him in your posts.  Google his name and grab any opportunity to leave a comments against any blogs / articles that mention him in your search results.  Take the word out there to any relevant  forums / groups such as theatre related forums.  The internet is a powerful tool.

6)  Help to get Tony trending on Twitter and help new fans find him.  As well as adding his Twitter ID @TonyTheVincent to your tweets, please add hashtags at the end of your posts about him, and any other tags relevant to the subject/topic you are "twittering" about.  Twitter recommend no more than 3 tags per post.  

7)  If you're an artistic type, then create banners and posters to help spread the word on your social networking sites and in your local area.  If you're not the creative type, you can grab a graphic here! (most are suitable for your Facebook cover image)

8)  Word of mouth allows you to talk from the heart about Tony and how he may have impacted on you and inspired you.  Spread the love to your family, friends and aquaintances in your day to day life.  Don't overdo it however, as this could have a negative affect and be a turn off.

9)  Play his music to your friends and family and request his songs on local / internet radio.  Radio stations are always interested in what their listeners want to hear.

10) Send Tony your encouragement.  Achieving success in the music industry can be soul destroying and artists appreciate your words of encouragement to keep them striving on.  You can "tweet" him at @TonyTheVincent, comment on his Instagram and Facebook posts or email him via his website contact page.

This is a TEAM effort, so if anyone else has any promo thoughts or ideas, don't hesitate to drop me an email at admin@teamtonyvincent.com.