From the recording A BETTER WAY


Hey girl let me look at you
All the things you said
Are they really true
Cause i've been trying so hard
Wanna be what you ask of me
To make you smile finally
And write my name on your heart

Now I know it's not --everything that we want
But listen to me

I can be
All the things that you need
Give me time
To find them—I'll find them
It's not goodbye
Take a breath—close your eyes
Baby, you'll see, everything we can be

Lost time chasing empty dreams
Our memories aren't what they seem
These scenes hurt from the start
Wanna stop wanna look away
To find the words, I can only say
When they come in the dark

Now I know it's not --everything that we want
so listen to me

(repeat chorus)

Is worth all the time
And in time you will find

(repeat chorus)