From the recording A BETTER WAY


You know my name
I knew the game
I played it before
It's never enough
You're left wanting more
I wish that someone somewhere
Had said what we both knew
That it would mean the end for me and you (we keep...)

Walking in our sleep
Chasing broken dreams
Looking for the way we used to be
Leave it all behind
It's just a state of mind
And your find the things that you can't see
‘cause everything you need
Is anything but me

We made it thru
Hurt and confused
Broken and bruised
It's easy to fight
When there's nothing to lose
But I have come to realize the love
I thought was true
Would only be the end for me and you...


I know you don't understand and
Why I said the things that I did
And I don't wanna see you hurting
But i'm in over my head...