From the recording ONE DEED


One deed, one great deed
Can make up for the pain
One heart, one loving heart
Can end the suffering
One deed, like sun
Can put an end to rain
One deed, one great, great deed

Tell me why, tell me why
There's suffering
Tell me why
There must be pain at all
Tell me why, tell me why
We've never found the cure
Some days are diamonds, so many are stone
The door of love is open, but you always stayed home


Tell me why, tell me why
I'm so afraid
Tell me why
We're together and alone
Tell me why, tell me why
We give up hope
Looking for the answer on a cardboard box
Digging for a fortune in a pile of rocks


Love is like an island that we've got to swim to
We're treading in tomorrow while we try to make due
Passing by the others as we're looking inside
We're never gonna see it if we're looking behind