From the recording ONE DEED


Wasn't it a dream
You lead me to the water
The moon on the horizon
I was so far under
The memories
In all their repetition
The dogs are far behind me
Loosed to wander free here
Emptied of my pride
The loneliness I feel inside
Come to rest my soul
Why is it I don't recognize your face
And why you've brought me to this place
I sit in darkness now
While my prayers release me

Looking for the river but the river's in the sky
My clock is running backwards and my heart is out of time
We're never gonna get it while we're fighting over love songs
I lean into the wind but the wind's about to die
The sun is in my face and my tears are running dry
We'll never work it out while we're fighting over love songs

So I travel onward
The sand is getting hotter
My eyes are growing weary
While I dig for water
To fill me
To wash away the journey
To give my life a reason
To finally free me
Searching other ways
Ones that beg for me to stay
I've come here seeking hope
In the land of meaning


Tempted by the rules
Segregation made by fools
We'll all stand alone
'till we drink the water


The walls are falling down while the future's going by
Looking to the havens in a world about to die
We're never gonna save it while we're fighting over love songs
We talk about the peace while the wars are taking lives
Our heart's about to break while our children are denied
They're never gonna get it while we're fighting over love songs