From the recording ONE DEED


When I was younger I had such belief
I looked to the sun, I trusted my leading
But as I grew I found space in between
The path I was shown, the search for the meaning (of)
Life, all emotions passed me by
The nights could not hide the cold inside
(Don't try to hold it inside)

Good can be found, little one
From the rise of the moon to the setting sun
Open your mind, just open your window tonight
Touched with a hand that can heal
You can find what you lost from the hands that steal
Open your heart, just open your window tonight

I've seen you tracing the road where I moved
The wind in your hair, the skin of an angel
Beauty is there, still you're trying to feel
A promise to cling, a love that is real (not lies)
What the picture tries to hide
The lights, only blind what really
(what matters is your soul inside)


Give me love, when my love's not enough
You can take me beyond what these hands can share