1. HIGH

From the recording TONY VINCENT


Hiding tears
Far beyond your years
Try to take a stand
Holding all command
Empty souls
Remain in control
Outward beauty here
Still it's all you know
Market deals
Losing their appeal
Now your pallet's changed
Look for other meals
Production snort
Take it all to court
Wanting victory
But you come up short
Responsibility is not a word you want to hear or read
Prioritizing and start realizing his love
Needing to swallow your pride
oooh, filling your ears while you're holiding back tears left inside

You're always talking loudly
You're only talkin' to yourself
You look inside for answers
When they'll be found in someone else
Do you hear what I'm speaking
Or am I talking to myself
I never caught the vision
Until I looked high

Tradition's views
Causing you to loose
In the other ones
Still you've one to choose
The time is hear
For a tried career
Invest in truth
While the picture's clear
What is the plan, stan, to make a boy into a man
When you're equipping
You're staring and slipping on down
Smiling when you can't take no more
oooh, still acting cool as you pick yourself up off the floor


Open your eyes to the other side of life
Let if flow, let if flood, let it run through your blood
Catch the rope, your last hope, hear the bell
Or you can throw your dreams down a wishing well...