After one year with the Las Vegas production, Tony made the decision to hang up that trademark leather jacket and bow out of We Will Rock You for good.  Birthing the North American production and working with a brand new cast, crew and band had been a thrilling experience for Tony, but his greatest joy was having enormous support from loyal fans that had travelled (in some cases), across the world to see him perform.  Many planned to make that special effort once more for his last performance and post-show "Meet & Greet" on 14th August 2005, but sadly the Harrah's Entertainment merger with the Paris Hotel forced Tony to change his plans quite suddenly, and, with just two days notice, he took his final bow on 24th July 2005.

Despite the sudden change, family members (Tony's sister and her husband), friends and fans made every effort to be there to show their appreciation for our departing hero.  The cast and band gave it their all for that final performance with an on stage energy that filled the house, and during the curtain call, the standing ovation went on and on, as an emotional Tony received gifts, flowers, hugs, kisses, smiles, whistles, applause and cheers before the curtain finally fell to bring closure to a three year reign as We Will Rock You's first Galileo Figaro.

Although it became a much smaller more intimate affair, the post-show "Meet & Greet" went on as planned and offered Tony a special opportunity to express grateful thanks to friends and fans who had shown much appreciated support during his rock'n'roll year in Las Vegas.